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In this site you'll find official information and resources pertaining to the CEENBoT-API (specifically) and its related software technologies. As the lead software architect (and creator) of the CEENBoT API, I am responsible for its maintenance and availability. Further information about the API can be found in the below sections, including some history regarding how my involvment with the CEENBoT came about. Click on the big right-arrow buttons to view the relevant content.

// 00 :: Background & History

This section discusses a little bit of the history surrounding the CEENBoT (mostly from my perspective), and in particular, I share how I got involved, how the CEENBoT-API came to be, and the philosophy behind some of the design choices in its implementation with the platform 324 v2.2x.

// 01 :: CEENBoT-API

The CEENBoT-API is a static library that allows users of the CEENBoT to write programs that conrol the CEENBoT electronics (e.g., LCD, LEDs, stepper motors, beeping/sound devices) without having to control these at the low 'bare-metal' level. Users write CEENBoT programs that make function calls to the static library, which the user must statically link with. Programs are written in C using the Atmel Studio IDE.

// 02 :: CEENBoT-TI

CEENBoT-TI is a firmware that runs on the CEENBoT that allows users---with a suitable special adapter---to connect select TI calculators and write programs in the TI-Basic programming language to control the CEENBoT. Mostly legacy by now and is mostly kept here for historical reasons.

// 03 :: CEENBoT Bootloader

The CEENBoT Bootloader comes as a 'package' consisting of two components. A Program Loader (firmware) that runs on the CEENBoT and an application that runs on Windows or MAC called the CEENBoT Utility Tool. Users who 'convert' their CEENBoTs with the new bootloader can upload up to eight simultaneous programs to their CEENBoT and have immediate capability to recall the 'factory firmware' (for battery charging) or their TI firmware (for TI calculator control). Users are required to also have access to a USB-to-Serial cable.